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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Update ! ♥


Update about expansion.

Now my shops are also available at :

And ...

Please visit if you have the time! ♥

Also, I have new items!


Thank you.


Friday, 28 October 2011


I haven't updated in a long time! Sorry! ♥ Busy with REAL LIFE. ~_~

Ok. Updates in new store!

I have new shop. Please see! NEW :SHUCREAM:

New Gift in shop:

Zipper Dress ♥

New Lucky Board:
Pink Heart BodySuit ♥

Please join :SHU&ZZANG: group at :

There are many many freebies in my shop. So please visit it! ♥

Newest dress in shop: DREAMY.

Dreamy ♥♥

Dreamy Front

Dreamy Back

New Gatcha in shop too!

Bikini/Lingerie ♥♥

Thank you for loving :SHUCREAM: ♥♥

Shucream ♥♥

Sunday, 11 September 2011

New Announcements!


I have been busy with RL and also SL. So I didn't blog a long time. 

Please visit my shops and enjoy nice gifts, LBs, and discounted items!

I made some new clothes.

I am having a sale at Minaisland, our new branch. Everything from now till end of September is 20% off there. Please visit!

I have new FLICKR account too!

Thank you for supporting me. ^_^♥


Monday, 8 August 2011

New Arrivals!


Here are some of my new arrivals in my store. Please come by and take a look!

My store will be taking part in the JUST FOR FUN HUNT 1-9September. Do check it out! :)

Here are some photos of me when I am not working!

And guys, I got married! :)

My wedding pictures will come up in the next entry. :)

These wonderful girls *HUGS*

Wednesday, 6 July 2011


Hello! I have been busy. ^_^

What have been going on in my SL life? Well, I've made new stuff, and of course, the manga kept me and hush busy for some time! Additionally, I've been having too much fun with my friends. =/ So much so that I forget sometimes, about making clothes.

I am now learning how to make a nice prim belt. It is so hard.

Please see my new collections!

Please support me in the marketplace thank you! :>

I want to thank everyone who even took the free stuff that I put up (my skirt which sells like hotcake everyday) because its people like you who make me feel that making clothes is a happy thing to do. :) Thank you for your support.

During my free time,  I have been traveling alot in SL. I've been to the great wall of China which was awesome and you guys should go too. Lol. Here are some photos of me when I'm not working.

Cheers! :>

Seems like fun stuff I've been doing? Heh.

More fun stuff to come ! Please stay tune and remember to drop by Hush's and the manga sites for more updates!

AKIKO / :shucream:  :)